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Offroad Riding in the Wharton Forest

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As some of you might know, I race offroad motorcycles in Enduro races.  In order to get into shape and stay that way, we go riding on Sunday mornings with a group of guys.   Here’s the recap for one of those days.

Started off with Ed, Skins, Mo, Mark and I.  The “no-shows” know who they are.  Ryan started off leading with Skins hot on his tail going down the Uth Trail.  Within the first couple of miles, Skins decided to “tattoo” a tree using the underside of his frame as the writing implement.  Tree survived, bike survived however Skins, more specifically his right thumb, took most of the hit.  Once the stars settled down in his vision we proceeded across Oakshade road and did the upper loop up to and through the smaller mud hole.  Special mention, should I say the pink streamer award, goes to a tie.  Skins, Mark and Ed attempted to take the award after Mo and I went through the mud.  The three of them just starred at the mud looking for a line.  Obviously, when asked where to go, Mo and I just pointed anywhere to try and get them across.  Once the fembots crossed the massive (?) mud hole we finished off that side of the road and went back across Oakshade and headed towards the bridge and out towards the bone trail.

After the bridge, Mo noticed his tire was a little low and bailed.  After we lost him, we headed out to Chews Road and the junk yard and worked the trail back in the opposite direction that we usually do.  We punched around a bit and did some log jumping and such.  No real news in that area.  Worked back to the bone trail and the blown down tree that Sven used his Husky Chainsaw on.  At one of the breaks, I suggested we take the 5 mile trail in as the last bit of conditioning however the screams from the women folk convinced me otherwise (you know who you are).  We looped back to the Uth trail and called it a day after about 40 miles.

At this point, I must defend one of our “fallen” riders.  Mike, aka Manpon, is still recovering from a debilitating arm injury.  Evidently, while “flying solo”, wheels in the air and all that, his hand slipped and aggravated his tendons and/or ligaments.  He is resting comfortably now and hoping to get back on his ride somewhere around Thanksgiving.  No word on if he managed a “happy ending”.

Mark your calendars now – there is a special Thanksgiving ride on Saturday (11/29).  I’ll get the details and forward them to everyone that’s interested.  It will be a few minutes further out towards the Lebanon State Forest area and work it’s way back towards Indian Mills.  I understand there might, just might, be beer at the end should you need that extra little push.

Lastly, if we do need to cluster away from Mo and Ed’s, let’s meet on the sand road by the stump field NOT the gun club.

So, there you have it.


Written by matthewkeane

November 29, 2009 at 10:33 pm